Guest Policy


No talking in the Chapel (this includes no gathering and talking outside the doors of the Chapel).
Please meet & greet in a gathering room.

Modest attire in Chapel:
No short Shorts
No Sleeveless tops
No Cutoffs
No mini skirts, tight or revealing clothing


Each guest is expected to be courteous to all their fellow guests. Therefore, we ask that there be no electronic devices brought to your room that may disturb other guests. Any Audio devices in the rooms should only be used with earphones.

No eating and drinking in the rooms. All meals and snacks should be eaten in one of the kitchens or gathering rooms.

No moving or re-arranging of furniture in the rooms. If you have a special need or request, please notify Management and we will do all we can to accommodate you.

Please notify management of any accidental damage or problems with the rooms immediately.

When you are ready to leave, please place bed linens outside your room. We thank you for leaving the room clean for the next guest.